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About Evening Star Arts

Evening Star is a woman with the soles of her feet entrenched in the wilderness of Southeast Alaska. Born in a hand-hewn log cabin in Meyers Chuck, Alaska, she has maintained a deep connection with the environment around her ever since drawing her first breath.

The sea, the wind, the forest, the earth, these are where Evening Star is in her element.

Her entire life has been lived in the ebb and flow of the seasons of Southeast Alaska. As the mother of one child she strives to raise her son in connection with, and in tune to, the natural world that surrounds her.

Evening Star strives to create soaps and salves in harmony with the land and sea she thrives in, to bring the scents and beauty of Southeast Alaska into your home and into your life. She develops all her soaps and salves from intuition and guidance from within and without- drawing from her Finnish roots, her knowledge of plants, harvesting and gathering, and her passion for creating. 

Awaken your senses to the beauty of the nature that surrounds us and is often overlooked in our increasingly urban lives. Evening Star's soaps and salves are a reflection of her commitment to nature and sustainable living in sync with our environment.

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Gallery of Soap